11 Content Marketing Newsletters You Should Subscribe to in 2023

Kuba Czubajewski
Jun 20, 2023 – 5 min read
11 Content Marketing Newsletters You Should Subscribe to in 2023

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Content marketing is constantly changing. Subscribing to the best newsletters can be your secret weapon to keep up with all the changes. It's not just about the tips and tricks, but the invaluable insights you can gain from industry leaders.

Now, the question is, which ones should you follow?

In this article, I gathered 11 absolute best newsletters for content marketers that inspire my work as a content marketing specialist and help me expand my knowledge each week.

They're often free and come packed with actionable advice, insights, and the latest news.

Top 11 Content Marketing Newsletters

In the ocean of content marketing newsletters, these 11 stand out for their consistent quality, insight, and value.

1. Content InKubator

This is me. And yes, creating my own newsletter taught me more than most marketing courses I’ve taken.

Each week, I analyze content marketing strategies of small businesses and explain what they did to achieve massive results without spending countless dollars on ads.

What you’ll find inside?

Each new Content InKubator subscriber gets a free copy of my personal brand content strategy system I used to generate thousands of followers for my clients.

2. Content Marketing Institute Newsletter

An invaluable resource prepared by the best content marketers in the game.

CMI's newsletter provides original, in-depth content about content marketing, SEO, audience building, and more.

My favorite series of the newsletter are:

3. Why We Buy

Katelyn Bourgoin’s newsletter is one of the most original and valuable newsletters ever-created in my opinion.

Each week, she shares unique insights about buyers’ psychology and how it can influence your marketing efforts.

You’ll also see real examples of how brands use psychological effects in their marketing — and how you can do the same.

4. Growth in Reverse

Have you ever looked at some big personal brands like Sahil Bloom or Justin Welsh and thought:

“How the hell did they do it?”

Well, you don’t need to fantasize about some magic tricks they used to become leaders in their industries. Chenell Basillo’s newsletter explains it all to you.

She shows the behind-the-scenes of great online creators and explains what strategies they used to achieve their success.

I wait for each new issue impatiently. It’s superb.

5. Moz Top 10

Moz Top 10 is a semi-monthly email newsletter sharing the 10 most valuable articles about SEO and online marketing that they could find.

Since I love me some occasional news-jacking on social media, I love this newsletter with all my heart. Their research never disappoints.

6. Social Media Examiner

This newsletter is a one-stop-shop for all social media marketing updates, strategies, and platform changes.

It’s my go-to source when I need inspiration on social media strategies, or find great examples of brands who use organic social media content to grow.

7. MarketingProfs

This newsletter is co-created by one of my favorite people in the B2B Marketing Space — Ann Handley. MarketingProfs provide a range of resources, from research and how-tos to expert interviews and case studies.

If you’re in the B2B space, you’ll love this newsletter.

8. The Steal Club

The Steal Club is a weekly newsletter where you learn how to… steal from the best content creators 😎

Alex analyzes popular Twitter content and tells you:

A fantastic resource for content marketers working on personal brands or building their own following on social media.

9. Creator Science

Jay Clouse has been an active participant of the Creator’s Economy for multiple years.

His interviews always provide immense value on how to build your business with content, and his newsletter is probably the most interesting resource on this niche you can find.

10/10 for me!

10. Narrative Navigators

As content marketers, we need to learn at least the basics of branding to make sure we craft messaging that resonates with the target audience.

But most branding advice I’ve seen online quickly goes to design — and I’m not a designer.

Here comes Mariia’s newsletter, which explains branding using… famous movie characters, like Darth Vader or Elizabeth Bennet

She shows you how she identifies the main traits of the brand, and how she would craft the narrative based on them.

Such a great read!

11. SEJ Today

My favorite newsletter about SEO. It helps me stay updated with the latest in SEO and SEM changes and expands my knowledge on the topic with in-depth articles from SEO pros around the globe.

It’s full of how-tos and insights, which make me always spend time perfecting SEO strategies for me and my clients.

Final thoughts

The world of content marketing is vast and ever-changing. These newsletters represent some of the best resources for staying on top of trends, learning new strategies, and refining your skills. So, subscribe and start broadening your horizons today!