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Your content isn't supposed to "rank high" in Google. It shouldn't bring you more traffic. Those are vanity metrics. Good content brings tangible results. More leads, more revenue, more influence - that's what we'll aim for while working together.

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Content Marketing Consultancy for Small Business

I base my work on proven systems and measurable goals, so you'll always know if we're on the right track. No hacks, gimmicks, or magic tricks. Here's everything I can do for you to help your brand achieve sustainable, long-term growth:

Content Strategy

I discover your best customers and their pain points. Then, I take the lessons and turn them into actionable steps you should take to start growing with content.

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SEO Content Writing

The only way to grow with content is to scale quality. So, I create obnoxiously good content for your blog. SEO-optimized, customer-centric, and ROI-focused.

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Personal branding

Business is people. That's why I help small business owners build their personal brands and attract customers connected with your business on a personal level.

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Here's what my clients say

I helped 20+ companies level up their content marketing game and turn it into a revenue-generating machine.

Hi, I am Kuba 👋

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I'm a content marketer and strategist. In the past year, I've helped more than 20 companies scale the quality and ROI of their content marketing efforts.

I believe that good content only comes with a clear strategy. That's why I help you gain clarity on your current position in the market and identify the biggest opportunities for growth.

Then I'll help you develop your own content marketing funnel to automate the process of generating leads through your blog or website. We'll work out the most effective tactics to optimize your content for reliable growth.

I've a strong work ethic and emphasize quality in everything I do. No matter what task you give me, I'll make sure it meets the highest standards and exceeds your expectations.

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So, how much does content consultancy cost?

Here are the prices of my content marketing services. Please note that the rates may change, depending on the size of the project. VAT rates may also apply.

Content Strategy Preparation

Get your personalized Content Growth System based on market research, audience analysis, SEO audit, and more. 20+ hours of work done for you.

Starting at $1,700 Schedule a free 30-min Strategy Session

SEO Content Writing

Build an automated lead generation channel you 100% own. I'll prepare, optimize, and repurpose your blog content with 1 major goal in mind: bringing more growth to your business.

Starting at $2,000/month Schedule a free 30-min Strategy Session

Social Strategy and Ghostwriting

Show the face behind your brand and connect with your customers through your story. I'll help you create engaging social media posts that spark curiosity and attract more eyes to your product.

Starting at $1,500 Schedule a free 30-min Strategy Session

Not ready to make that investment?

Grow any business with content with Content Launchpad - a proven system to scale the quality of your content and maintain consistent brand growth.

Content Launchpad

Design your own organic marketing system in 21 days. Create more content faster (and 10x better). Join a community of like-minded entrepreneurs, and never feel like you're screaming into the void again.

Content Launchpad is the exact playbook you need to start using organic marketing strategies for your business.

You'll learn high-quality content creation tactics and use research-driven content distribution strategies to increase your reach and get more eyes on your content.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are most frequently asked questions about content marketing consultancy services. If you want to ask me anything else, reach out to me: kuba@contentkuba.com

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